You Drive Our Development – VMcom Backup appliance 6.7.14 now available.  Update now!

You Drive Our Development – VMcom Backup appliance 6.7.14 now available. Update now!

We’re pleased to inform that our most current release 6.7.14 is now generally available.  Thank you for your inputs and feature recommendations.  We picked 3 inputs from you and incorporated them into this service release.

Remember, our release numbering matches VMware so you always know which VMcom release you should apply.  And applying a release is simple.  Just go to system settings, click check for updates, and hit the update button. Easy.

Some of the key features and changes we’ve added in this release:

  • Adjustable timeouts for backup jobs. Now you can be sure that backups won’t run outside of the defined backup window.
  • Change in order of processing backups.  Previously, it was in alphabetical order.  Now it is based on the time stamp with the oldest backup starting first.  This means, that if for some reason a particular VM didn’t get backed up in a previous run, it will be first in queue in the next scheduled run.
  • Cleaner timeouts. Now, should there be a timeout, VMcom cleanly terminates all running backups.  In previous versions, timeouts might have left unwanted snapshots or other relics.
  • Log hierarchy. Backup run logs are now organised in a tree structure, making it much easier for you when working with many vms in the same backup job.
  • API changes
    • Backup jobs –  API now displays the length of last backup run and primary storage target.
    • Preparation for our soon too launch online trial: Create tenant, create user within given tenant, assign managed objects to tenant, create storage quota for tenant, assign virtual machines to tenant’s backup job

Remember, to apply the release, you just have to go to system settings, hit the check for updates button, and that’s it!

Please, contact us at for any technical enquiry you may have.

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