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There is no need to spend lots of time configuring an environment, downloading and deploying. VMcom has done it for you. With the VMcom online trial, everything is set up for you. You can start immediately just using a browser.

  • create isolated environment in our lab with you as a tenant
  • add a new user in this environment using your email as login
  • create sample backup job
  • assign you privileges to backup two virtual machines
  • assign you 100 GB storage quota

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Multi-tenancy is unique to VMcom Backup solution. As a master administrator, you can see all backups of all existing tenants while tenant users can only see and manage specific parts of your inventory. This allows for unprecedented levels of self-service for virtual machine operators and saves valuable time of your core administrators.

VMcom handles file-level restores from both Windows and Linux filesystems natively. Browse your backups in the same way you know from your computer. You can even download older versions of your files with zero disruption to your virtual machine. No indexing required. You'll find that incredibly fast and easy to use. Let VMcom handle the difficult part for you.

Create a new virtual machine from an existing backup while the original is still running. You can even restore to a different vCenter or ESXi host. Create a test environment for your application in a few clicks or check the integrity of your backups with zero disruption to your primary workload.

  1. You will download an .ova file, which stands for open virtual appliance. It is a single-file package of a standard OVF template and you can deploy it in the same way.
  2. The appliance is designed to run on VMware ESXi hypervisors only, including ESXi free hypervisor.
  3. The appliance already contains a linux-based operating system and all components which are required for successful backup operations.
  4. For more details about the deployment process, please see our guides or watch our 3-minute video below.

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