VMcom Online Trial

Save your time. Test VMcom in our online lab before deploying into your environment.


Don't want to spend lots of time configuring an environment, downloading, and deploying, just to try a backup solution? No worries, VMcom has done it for you. With the VMcom online trial, everything is set up for you. You can start immediately just using a browser. And you can use it for 12 hours.

After you submit your email address, here is what VMcom will do for you automatically:

  • • VMcom creates an isolated environment in our lab with you as a tenant
  • • VMcom adds a new user in this environment using your email as login
  • • VMcom assigns you privileges to backup two virtual machines
  • • VMcom assigns you 100 GB storage quota
  • • VMcom creates a sample backup job for you

Feel free to play with the demo. Create a few backups, test file-level restore from both Windows and Linux platforms. You cannot break anything!

Please keep in mind that the online trial shows you tenant view. If you want to see full administrator view, please download our 14 day trial.


Just type in your email address, check the consent box, and click SUBMIT. Your preconfigured VMcom lab will open in a new tab. You'll already be logged in and ready to go!


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