VMcom Online Trial

Test VMcom in our online lab before deploying into your environment.


Our online trial environment allows you to try VMcom in our lab before downloading and deploying yourself.

After you submit your email address, VMcom API will automatically:

  • • Create an isolated (tenant) environment in our lab
  • • Create a new user in this environment using your email as login
  • • Assign the tenant with privileges to backup two virtual machines
  • • Assign the tenant with 100 GB storage quota
  • • Create a sample backup job for you

Feel free to play with the demo. Create a few backups, test file-level restore from both Windows and Linux platforms. You cannot break anything!

This example demonstrates VMcom API capabilities as well as multi-tenancy. As an administrator, you can provide your clients with the same level of serf-service you see in our lab.


Too busy to download and deploy a backup solution just to see and feel it?

Our mission is to save your time.

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