What is VMcom Backup Appliance?

VMcom Backup Appliance is a software which provides reliable recovery of virtualized applications and data running on VMware platform. With VMcom, you can protect all your data from virtual machines and also assign a limited access to particular tenants.

What is unique about VMcom Backup Appliance?

We at VMcom have mastered the multi-tenancy of the backup solution in public cloud. Thanks to VMcom Backup Appliance, any provider of VMware public cloud is now able to assign privileges for backup and recovery of selected virtual machines to specific users. Backup and restore can be then managed by users themselves.

How is VMcom Backup Appliance licensed?

VMcom Backup Appliance offers two license models. Perpetual license (CPU socket based, single payment) and Usage license (VM based with monthly payment). Thanks to automated usage reporting, there is no need to create reports manually. Please contact us for detailed pricing or further information.

Is VMcom Backup Appliance a cloud backup-as-a-service (BaaS) or on-premise backup software?

VMcom Backup Appliance is offered as an on-promise backup appliance. For its operation 1vCPU, 2GB RAM and 40GB of storage is required.