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Check out our pre-installation checklist before download.

Make sure you have:

  • • vSphere or ESXi host with valid license
  • • good enough connection to download 2GB .ova file

You will download an .ova file, which stands for open virtual appliance. It is a single-file package of a standard OVF template and you can deploy it in the same way.

The appliance is designed to run on VMware ESXi hypervisors only, including ESXi free hypervisor.

The appliance already contains a linux-based operating system and all components which are required for successful backup operations.

For more details about the deployment process, please see our guides or watch our 3-minute video below.

If you merely want to take a look at VMcom application before downloading, take advantage of our online trial and experience backing up virtual machines in seconds. Literally.

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