key features

VMcom Backup Appliance is a pre-installed virtual machine designed to back up and recover VMware VMs.

Coming from an ISP background, the VMcom Backup Appliance is highly multitenant. It enables the central administrator to create isolated (tenant) environments within a single appliance. Each tenant can then be assigned a set of privileges for backup and recovery of particular vSphere objects and a storage quota.


Self-service backup and recovery

To reduce IT workload, we have designed a backup solution with powerful multi-tenancy. VMcom Backup Appliance enables self-service: backup plan management, on-demand ad-hoc backups, file-level restore for both Windows and Linux, and VM level restore.

Advanced web-based interface and API

Modern web-based console for self-service backup and recovery included. This modern and touch-friendly user interface is available for all functionalities of VMcom Backup Appliance, including backup plan management, on-demand backup, file level restore and so on.

Fast and consistent backups

VMcom Backup Appliance leverages the VMware changed block tracking (CBT) technology and snapshots. This approach allowes for fast and differential backups, saving only blocks changed since the last backup.

Simple to administer, easy to use

VMcom Backup Appliance provides a solution for unlimited number of tenants. Administrators are able to control tenants’ storage quotas and granular permission settings. With no agents to deploy in guest operating system, you get both flexibility and reliability for backup and recovery of your VMs.

No additional licensing required

We have chosen a linux-based solution with a built-in database and tools. No third party components such as SQL servers are required. Thanks to automated usage reporting, dealing with licensing does not have to cause a headache anymore.

Instant setup and non-commercial use

Deployment from OVF template is fast and easy and does not take more than 15 minutes. Building proof-of-concept environment has never been easier. Free version is for non-commercial use only. Protect your VMware with VMcom.

System requirements

Supported VMware:

vSphere ESX(i): 6.5, 6.0, 5.5, 5.1, 5.0, 4.1

Supported Filesystems:

NTFS, FAT32, ext3, ext4, XFS, ZFS

Minimal HW Requirements:

1 vCPU, 2 GB RAM, 40 GB storage

Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

What customers are saying

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"VMcom brings a new level of backup experience both to our customers and internal DevOps team."

Martin Žídek
CTO Master Internet

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"I love how our techs can now use one platform for both file level and machine level restore if needed. Fantastic."

Tom Williams
CEO Internet Access Solutions

Application screens

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Users & Tenants
Multi tenancy is unique to VMcom Backup solution. As a master administrator, you can assign privileges for selected users to perform backups and restores only on specific parts of your inventory. This allows for an unprecendented levels of self-service for virtual machine operators and saves valuable time of your core administrators.

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Backup Browser
VMcom handles file-level restores from both Windows and Linux filesystems natively. Browse your backups in the same way you know from your computer. You can even download older versions of your files with zero disruption to your virtual machine. No indexing required. You'll find that incredibly fast and easy to use. Let VMcom handle the difficult part for you.

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Backup Jobs
Set up backups of individual virtual machines or entire vSphere objects like Folders, Resource Pools or Clusters. Schedule regular backups or perform an on-demand backup before a complicated update. VMcom also allows you to perform regular copies of your most recent restore points to a remote fileserver for extra safety.