VMcom Backup Appliance for VMware

VMcom is a Linux-based virtual appliance for backup and recovery in VMware environments​. It makes your Admin life easier by eliminating the usual time-taking hassle.

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EMEA Contacts

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Automated Reporting

VMcom Backup Appliance forwards usage reports automatically. We do not bother you with requests for data for monthly usage based subscription billing. Save your time and enjoy your holidays.

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ESXi Free Support

VMware Backup Appliance is among the first to support backup and recovery of the VMware Free Hypervisor. Discover new possibilites with VMware ESXi Free!

There are only two limitations — SSH service on the Free Hypervisor host needs to be running and it is neccessary to enable changed block tracking (CBT) manually for incremental backups to work.

Click on the link below for more information and detailed instructions.

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